Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oktoberfest in Tokyo (Hibiya Park)

Here are some scenes from an Oktoberfest celebration in Hibiya Park in the middle of Tokyo.

Beer, saurkraut, big pretzels, sausages, and yakisoba. Plus enough cowbell to sastify even Christopher Walkens.

Main problem though is the lines! It's not like Oktoberfest where they bring your food and drink to you. You have to stand in line and sometimes really long lines so get there early.

There quite a number of Oktoberfest events throughout Japan mainly in September and October. Be sure to check local listings!

TIME: mid-Sept around the 15th-17th from Weds-Friday. Evenings 5:00-10:30
PLACE: Hibiya Park, Tokyo
GETTING THERE: 2 mins from Hibiya Stn on Hibiya Line or 8 mins from Yurakucho on JR Line

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