Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Youtube Hanami Gathering - Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing Party


When the Cherry Blossoms bloom, blue tarps go down and beer cans go up in toast as hanami revelers party under the pink sakura. Hanami is a tradition that goes back over a thousand years and J-vloggers on Youtube have proudly picked up this tradition.

J-vlogger TokyoCooney organized the first Youtube Hanami gathering in 2008 and has continued to do so.

Tokyo Youtube Gathering: Pre-gathering Hanami in Ueno Park

This video is a prelude to the 2008 Youtube Hanami Gathering. A few J-vloggers gathered together in the evening in Ueno Park a popular spot for Hanami and had a few drinks.

2008 Youtube Hanami Gathering 2nd Half at Hub Pub

Unfortunately due to work I missed the first part of the 2008 Hanami in Yoyogi Park but I caught the end of it at the Hub Pub in Shibuya.

Youtube Tokyo Hanami Party 2009

The 2nd Annual Tokyo Youtube Hanami Party was held Sunday March 29th in Yoyogi Park.

Quite a number of people showed up. Familiar faces, new faces, and people just passing by. We had KFC, Krispy Kreme, ramen, beer, and Chu-Hi.

One major lesson to learn here is that you DO NOT wear your shoes on the blue tarp. Japanese remove their shoes before getting on their hanami blue tarp so as not to get the tarp or their clothes dirty.

Cherry Blossoms, Samurai, Beer, Girls, Cleavage - Tokyo Youtube Hanami 2010

The 3rd Annual Tokyo Youtube Hanami was held in Yoyogi Park on March 27th. Many Youtubers and Youtuber fans were in attendance.

Hanami is the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing which basically means viewing them from a blue tarp getting completely smashed. We Youtubers took to this tradition like a duck to vodka. A drunk Elevencolors made himself immensely amusing. No Youtube Hanami would be complete without one!

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